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Farm, ranch, build and explore.

An open world country-life sim for 1-4 players

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Create, Develop and Manage your Ranch!

You finally leave the stressful life of the city to embark on a new adventure in the countryside. Armed with only your courage and a small sum, your skills as a farmer will be put to the test.

Will you be able to handle the challenges of this new beginning and make your Ranch a prosperous business?


Online CO-OP

Invite 1 to 3 players to join you in your Ranch online! Your friends can help you develop your Ranch, fulfill your goals, or explore the vast open world of The Ranchers together.

Auction Market

You can sell your resources to other players via the online auction market to maximize your profits.


The auction market is directly accessible from within the game and from the companion application on iOS and Android.


It seems that in The Ranchers, money never sleeps!


A GIGANTIC open world

On foot, horseback, scooter, pickup, or yacht, explore a gigantic open world where mines, wild islands, shipwrecks, and dangerous monsters abound.


Use your skills to recover ultra-rare minerals, gems, etc., to make and improve your tools, donate them to the village museum, or sell them at the auction market to other players.

Build the house of your dreams

By the seaside, in the middle of the prairie, or on top of a hill, choose your decor and place your furniture to create a house that reflects your image and that your friends will love.


Join the community

Meet many colorful characters and discover their atypical personalities, everyday life, and fascinating stories. They go to work, go to the park, go to the restaurant, play sports, and interact with each other in many different ways.


Take the time to get to know them, make friendships, and who knows, maybe love will be there, and you can move in together, have children and start a family?


There's something for everyone in The Ranchers!


Take part in the frequent festivals and many other activities. Just let your imagination run wild.


Want to hone your culinary skills and prepare delicious dishes?


Try your hand at game hunting, insect hunting? Or relax and spend the afternoon fishing?


It's up to you!

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